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Devotionals By: Faithwalker

Why? Because I love Him because He First loved me. I didn’t initiate loving Him, He loved me even when I didn’t know who He was. When I thought I was loving myself but making bad decisions, He was loving me. Kept me safe, continued to deal with me even when I made bad decisions, loved me and strengthened me, forgave me when I needed forgiveness and taught me how to forgive others. He supply’s my every need. Glory, Hallelujah!!!

I’ll praise Him because He’s worthy to be praised, He’s Faithful, a living God. He’s NOT A TRICKSTER, He’s truthful in all His ways. What a mighty God we serve. His blood covering has made us clean from sin, He gave the ultimate sacrifice by dying on the cross, and shedding his Holy Blood for me. When the sacrifice of animals couldn’t cleanse human sin. He stepped in. And I appreciate that. Glory, glory, glory, hallelujah!!! I love Him. And NO rock will cry out for me.

I will praise Him forever.🙌🏾I

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