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Devotionals by: Faithwalker

This is so very true. Honestly, just think. I take myself for instance. I as a mother, a human, I think and love my children and grandchildren so much. I think about how I can make them smile, or give them some type of gift that I know they would cherish. I think about things like this almost every day. So what about our Father in heaven, and His love for us. It’s deeper than we could ever realize. We as mothers think we love our children. God’s love is so much more in-depth than our love. That’s where we get our love from. Not only does God think about us, but HE will have His Holy Spirit make you think about people that He wants to show His blessings to. He will allow people to bless you when you don’t even know why. One day God said to me, what would you do if I gave you a lot of money. I said honestly Lord, after paying bills, I’d like to bless someone that I know is having a rough time but has still always had a heart to bless others, regardless of their situation. He immediately gave me two people's names. Both I call my sis or family, one has shown me love in so many ways even though I know she didn’t have much, her heart is golden. The other is a person who I haven’t even met, but love and know her heart because God has shown it to me. These are two people that are not selfish, or greedy, they are selfless, and give what they have, even if it’s not a lot, it’s the thought of their hearts our Father sees. God cares, and He blesses, and He gets the glory because He puts people in people's lives and on people's minds to show HE is real. I’ve been praying for a man overseas for the longest. I don’t know who he is, or his name, but I know the Lord told me to pray for him, has shown me his face, and the Lord knows who He is interceding for through me. Our living God loves us so much, we must remember that. We must try to understand His love for us and His thoughts for us are all excellent! He didn’t make hell for people, He made it for Satan, and will try everything He can to show Himself to you for you to make Him Lord of your life. His love for us continues to reach out to mankind to repent and humble themselves and their lives to Jesus. God is More than good! He thinks about His Children all the time. Every minute of the day, and knows us by name.


Glory to God. 🙌🏾🙏🏾♥️

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