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Devotionals by: Faithwalker

Our Lord displays benefits to us personally daily, but a lot of times we overlook them because of being distracted by other wants and needs we feel should be done THAT DAY. I don’t want to ever take the Lord for granted. He gives us new mercies and new grace daily. But even on top of that, he gives us bonuses of benefits daily. There are days when I ask the Lord to show me a nugget of His love. I actually want Him to reveal when He’s doing it. One day, I asked and went to Walmart, I picked up a family-size Purdue chicken wing pack among other things, and headed to the cashier. When I got there, the cashier noticed that there was no price on it. I told her I just saw the price, but I didn’t remember what it was. Now you know chicken wings are costly. She said instead of calling the meat department to weigh it and give her a price, she called her manager and the manager said just put meat for 1.99! I left praising and thanking God for showing me a nugget of his love and mercy towards me. Ask Him to open your eyes to just a little nugget of His love to you today. You’ll be surprised how He will reveal his love to you in the little things, and you will be more grateful and appreciative for everything He does for you. Just think about it. Ponder it. Meditate on it. (That is what the word Selah means in the psalms )......Pause and praise.


Glory to your name Jesus! Hallelujah! 🙌🏾🙏🏾♥️

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