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Devotionals by: Faithwalker

I’m so emotional about this, because it’s so true. I have been unfaithful to God so many times, but he’s NEVER EVER been unfaithful to me. He has always protected me, directed me, corrected me, and rewarded me. If we are being truthful and looking at ourselves in the mirror, we have all felt like this at one time or another. Not one of us has always been obedient or did exactly what we should do at all times. We all have rebelled, ignored what we know was the right thing to do, choose wrongly, gave into temptations, made mistakes, and just said no, I don’t want to. But glory to Gods mercy, grace and love, HE still blessed us. He still loves us. HE still continues the plan HE has for us. That’s LOVE!!! Thank you Jesus. Such a wonderful, awesome God.


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