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Devotionals By: Faithwalker

Oh yeah, a rotary phone means they have to remember all their friend's numbers as we did, or have a phone book. An analog watch, means they have to actually know when it’s 3:45 and what the big hand and little hand means. No remote for the TV. Oh my goodness…. Got to get up and turn the channel. 🤦🏽‍♀️And cursive writing directions, they will never know how to do any of it. Smh….🙌🏾🙏🏾♥️ It reminds me of the old saying my great-grandmother used to have, "Each generation will get weaker and wiser." Make no mistakes about it, some people think that's a Scriptural reference. It's not. Just an old saying. Yet, it's so true. I used to ponder on that all the time, but I see it so clearly now. Today's generation have exposure to an abundance of information and contain a wealth of knowledge that was not at our disposal. I don't believe they are truly wiser per se; however, I do believe they hold more knowledge than previous generations of the same age. It's not that they could not be wiser with the knowledge they have, yet they choose not to. This is where they fail to have wisdom. Weaker? They do not possess the self-discipline, maturity, self-control, or respect for themselves or others that other generations did. They are more apt to giving in to the desires of their flesh and striving to fit in to the status quo of society. Children today believe they have more maturity and understanding than their parents, because they have more knowledge in certain areas than adults do. Yet, this does not mean they have more overall knowledge. And these poor misguided souls really believe they can go into the world and survive and prosper successfully, without parental or adult guidance. They really believe they have all the answers. Where did the respect go? Where did the love go? Where did the parental sacrifice go? What happened to the values and morals we were supposed to teach? Most importantly what happened to lead by example? These words which I type aren't true of all children, but it is certainly true of a large segment of the youth and young adult population. If you don't believe me simply turn on the news, go to a local school, or youth event. Show them, lead them, guide love, patience, and understanding.

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